The Idea

The idea came about after a long, hard day of being incredibly geeky with one of my good friends. We had spend the morning mostly antiquing, and in his case fighting a roadside fire that started while we were there, and it had been quite a fun morning.

After we were both tired, my friend suggested that we visit this "geeky bookstore" that he really enjoys that was in the area. It was here where I would wander off to have my idea.

In the middle of what looked like a revamped Books-A-Million, I saw a really nice display of adult coloring books. Now, I love to color, and these coloring books were fantastic looking. Mehndi designs, mandalas, weird animals, and other intricately detailed designs. I loved it, but while staring at that display a display of comics caught my eye.

"I'd rather color the comic books."


It was this idea that made me stop, pull out my phone, and google to see if this had been done before. If it had, I certainly wanted one. All of what I pulled up where coloring books like the ones in front of me, or ads for people looking for colorists for their comics. Nothing like what I had in mind.

"We have to leave. Now."

Okay, I wasn't totally serious about leaving right then, but I knew I had a good idea and I wanted to really work at it. I knew other geeky, artsy people would love something like this. I needed to work on it. I needed to share my idea. I needed a Kickstarter. It has completely devoured my life.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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