The Logo

I'm not usually one for doing a logo right off the bat, but I really thought I needed something colorful and fun to slap on everything in sight.

I wasn't having any good ideas, so I hired a company, probably gave them way, way more information than they wanted to know, and waited eagerly.

I didn't like any of them.

But, I took a deep breath, closed out my email, and went to go get my morning coffee, because I really do not function quite right without my coffee.

After my blood-caffiene had reached normal operating levels, I went back to the logos. They really weren't all that bad. I liked pieces of them all. And then I started getting an idea of what I wanted. Sketching it out took a few minutes, I sent it in, and then in two business days I had exactly what I wanted.

Colorful, fun, and I didn't have to do it while I was drawing and coloring everything else that I needed for Color4orth.

It was perfect.

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