The T-shirt


I've been working behind the scenes on budgets and spreadsheets and video post production and I've been having a blast. I know that soon I will be out and about promoting the heck out of Color4orth, so I decided I needed something special.

I went ahead and ordered some shirts online, even though I told myself I'd wait until the kickstarter. I had a bit of money saved up from a few jobs and digital print on demand techonology is fairly inexpensive now so I thought I'd go ahead and get myself a t-shirt.

I told myself I'd be wearing it out and about and promoting myself.

I really just think it looks snazzy!

I'm getting a lot of help with the video and I'm using the time I'm not working on it to more fully develop characters and plot! Stay tuned for all of that awesomesauce. I post interesting tidbits on twitter @color4orth so if you are interested go ahead an follow!

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