The Trailer

First off, this isn't my Kickstarter video.

I have a wonderful video planned, I just had a wide swath of things that needed to be done first. First, I needed the basic plot of my coloring graphic novel. I needed characters. I needed some images, both in color and the line work. I also needed some clothes I could paint and a videographer... or at least someone who could hold an iPhone.

I have everything.

Waiting a bit until my actors can all get together at a certain time of day is giving me a lot of time to do other things. During this time I've read some books on kickstarting, built this website, and did a lot of research on what I want to do.

The Kickstarter is getting launched in the very near future. Go to the bottom of any page to enter your email to be notified the moment it happens! I'll also be posting more about the plot, the characters, the reasoning behind my artistic choices, my financial spreadsheets(I'll try to make it interesting) and some more ideas that I haven't covered yet, but that I'm totally excited about!!

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